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Butters are rich in omega 3, 6, 9, fatty acids, and made out of concentrated extracts from fruit, beans, seeds, or leaves. Butters are best used in products for the hair and skin as they’re easily absorbed and ultra-moisturizing.

Once the oil is extracted, it’s hydrogenated. Then it’s combined with the natural fatty acids and wax from the oil which gives it the butter like consistency. Some manufacturers and home beauty gurus mix in Palm Oil, Soybean Oil or other vegetable oils to make the butter.

They’re known for many healing, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. Raw and unrefined butter is the most natural and least processed. Since it’s in its most natural state, it’s chocked full of vitamins, minerals, and other natural properties. Here are some of our favorites.

Aloe Butter 

Aloe butter is perfect for super dry skin as its vitamin rich combination of aloe extract, coconut oil, hydrogenated non-GMO Soy Butter, and Vitamin E creates a creamy texture that is sensitive enough for any type of skin and easily spreadable. It helps with rapid hydration of skin which may be afflicted by eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, sun burn, windburn and general chapping. It’s even safe enough for babies. We suggest using it after exposure to sun or any other harsh elements. Tip: Try adding aloe butter to your salves or baby products.

Apricot Kernel Butter

Apricots have been grown in Asia and Europe for many centuries. Its sweet fruit can be eaten in many types of dishes and desserts. What you may not know is that apricots are actually great for your skin as well. Apricot kernel oil is super rich in Vitamin B17, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and healthy fats. These fats provide omego-3 and omega-9 fatty acids which are heart healthy and can decrease your cholesterol levels. It absorbs easily into skin and won’t leave you feeling sticky. It’s proven to reduce razor bumps and can be used to treat harsh element damaged skin. Tip: If you have exceptionally dry hair, add a bit of the oil on the roots of your hair to promote hair growth and soothe dry scalps. You can even combine with your normal shampoo or conditioner.

Avocado Butter

Avocado butter actually comes from the flesh of the fruit, not the extracted oil. It melts easily into skin and is excellent for dry and damaged skin. Nutrient and vitamin rich, avocado butter contains Vitamin A, D, E, unsaturated fats, and lecithin. All of these are superb for your skin and can help reduce the appearance of age spots and wrinkles. Tip: add it to your sun lotion to help protect your skin from harsh UV radiation. The antioxidant effects of Vitamins A and E are great barriers from the damaging sun.

Sweet Almond Butter

Sweet almond butter adds a soft, beautiful glow to skin by acting as an emollient. Almonds are wonderful antioxidants and contain Omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, Vitamin E, Magnesium, and Calcium which our bones and skin need to stay healthy and happy. Safe enough for babies, it’s filled with great nutrients which soften and condition skin. Try mixing it with sweet almond oil or vanilla extract for a delicious smell and extra nutrients.

Cocoa Butter

Originating from the cacao tree, this nutrient packed seed is made into cocoa butter which we use for everything. Cocoa butter is known for its amazing moisturizing capabilities. It’s widely used to sooth and heal stretch marks. Other people use it for its healing capabilities on skin irritated with eczema and dermatitis. The Vitamin E can help improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, uneven skin tone and aging skin.

Coconut Cream

Coconut cream is known to replenish skin and more than any other cream, give it a healthy and youthful glow. Young coconuts have the most pure unsaturated fat which is the absolute best when it comes to rejuvenation properties. Use Coconut Cream to ward off wrinkles, build cells, and kill bacteria among tons of other healthy reasons!

Hemp Butter

Rich in essential fatty acids that help nourish the skin and helps reduce moisture loss. It’s non clogging and is known to help reduce the size of pores, blackheads, acne, and can protect the skin from free radicals. Additionally, it can reduce redness and inflammation. The only downside is when used as an oil, it may feel too dry for already dry skin, so try mixing it with some thicker oils.

Illipe Butter

This hard butter actually melts when it comes in contact with the skin. It’s used in many products such as sunscreen, night cream, hair masks, make-up foundation, soaps, and lip balms. It actually comes from the fat in the nuts of the Shorea stenoptera crop which is found in the Borneo jungle. These fats are great at keeping dry hair and skin at bay during the chilly months. It’s got incredible moisturizing properties and will restore elasticity to dry tresses.

Jojoba Butter

Perfect for every skin type, this easy spreading butter doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy. It’s an effective conditioner for both hair and skin. Not only does it reduce wrinkles and stretch marks but it also helps lighten and heal scars. The odorless butter can penetrate pores and hair follicles rapidly which helps reduce water loss.

Jojoba Esters

Made from hydrogenated jojoba butter, this lighter feeling substance can be used in creams or lotions to help thicken or stiffen the emulsions. They come in three different variations which vary in hardness. This fabulous ingredient can add something “extra” to any of your formulations. It’s very stable and has a long shelf life. Not only that but it helps retain moisture and can offer fine line reduction around the eyes. It’s also highly recommended for anyone suffering from dry skin.

Kokum Butter

Made from the mangosteen tree, kokum butter contains 60-65% saturated fatty acid making it solid at room temperature. It’s prized for its skin healing qualities notably its ability to support elasticity and general flexibility of the skin. It’s easily absorbed and can be used on the most sensitive of skin.

Kukui Nut Butter

Used for many years throughout the island of Hawaii, this nut is made into an oil and a butter which are perfect for protecting the skin from sun, wind, and salt. It’s used for minor skin irritations as well as any minor wound or burn. Most commonly it’s used as a massage oil and leaves the skin feeling silky and smooth. Try using under the eyes for prevention and softening of crow’s feet. Fun tip: use as a leave in treatment for hair that will condition, impart shine, and restore moisture for hair.

Macadamia Nut Butter

This non greasy butter is created from blending together the nut oil and fatty fractions collected during the refining process. It penetrates the skin easily and is commonly used in creams, lotions, balms, and soaps. You can even use it completely pure as a skin balm. It has positive attributes such as being able to reduce wrinkles and dryness as well as vitamin E which nourishes the skin.

Maria Butter aka White Cocoa Butter

One of our favorites, this butter is high in Vitamin E, anti-oxidants, and in essential fatty acids. This butter visibly reduces discoloration which is the number one sigh of aging. The Vitamin E replenishes the skin and can protect it from harmful UV rays. Tip: use cocoa butter while shaving. It will provide a smoother and less irritating shave while leaving the skin incredibly smooth.